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Custom Pop Culture Parody T-Shirts

Discover custom pop-culture parody t-shirt designs that depict all things from movie titles and consumer product parodies to custom-designed artwork and much more. With our ever-growing t-shirt design collection, customers will find some kind of design that interests them. Our design process involves sketching ideas and/or artwork, which then is brought over into our illustration computer software. All of our t-shirts are printed using DTG, also known as direct-to-garment printing technology. This enables our high-quality graphic work to be printed clearly on the t-shirts our customers purchase and with a variety of colors. Unlike traditional screen printing, which costs more, our customers can get quality designed and printed t-shirts.

We aim to create t-shirt designs that are funny and also twisted in some way. This ties in with our name, “Teestruct”. Our t-shirt designs usually consist of something that the public knows of and we just “reconstruct” or “destruct” it. We know that there are some customers out there that may come across some of our designs and feel uncomfortable, but you know what… tough shirt! 🙂 Be sure to check our site from time to time or better yet, sign up for our newsletter to get updates on sales and new designs. We know customers like it when there are sales, so we try to have plenty of them. Just don’t expect to get everything for free.

Top T-Shirt Categories

With designs so fine, they’ll Make Your Grandma’s False Teeth Fall Out and say “damn” that was a funny shirt!

Here’s some of our most popular categories.

Food & Beverages

Eat, Laugh, Flatulence.

Consumer Products

We all love Mr.Clean.


You Complete Me.


Hi-diddly-ho, neighborino.


I need more cowbell.

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